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Enhance your PlayStation experience with access to online multiplayer, monthly games, exclusive discounts and more.

Subscribe to PlayStation Plus

Choose a one, three or 12-month recurring payment planand take your PlayStation experience to the next level.

Choose to pay annually and you’ll save 50% compared to paying monthly, and 37% compared to the three-month membership plan2.

PlayStation Plus features

Discover great games, connect with friends, and enjoy new ways to play.

PS Plus monthly games overview

PlayStation Plus monthly games

Expand your game collection with two PS4 games included every month – yours to play for as long as you’re a member.

Build your collection with blockbuster hits, indie gems and multiplayer party games to play online or at home with family and friends.

This month, enjoy three games worth over INR 5498.00*, available to download now for all PlayStation Plus members.

Get the games

Online multiplayer

Lead your team to glory, ride into battle with your squad or go on breath-taking adventures with trusted allies.

PS Plus online multiplayer opens new worlds in your favourite games, lets you play online with friends and compete in online tournaments and is your invitation to join a global community of online gamers.

Exclusive member discounts

Join PS Plus to get exclusive access to the best deals on select games, add-ons, pre-orders and more from PlayStation Store.

Members can enjoy extra savings on top of regular PS Store promotional prices, early access to demos, beta trials, pre-orders and other exclusive rewards and offers reserved for the PS Plus family.

What Is PlayStation Plus?

PlayStation Plus is Sony’s online gaming subscription service for the PlayStation 4. It’s required to play online multiplayer games on the PlayStation 4. Whether you’re playing a competitive multiplayer game with people you’ve never met or a co-operative game with a friend who lives a few blocks away, you’ll need PS Plus to do it.

Sony has also added some additional features to this service. Only PlayStation Plus members can upload their game saves, storing them online where they can be accessed on another console. PlayStation Plus members get some free games every month, and they also get access to some bonus sales on digital games.

Online Storage For Your Save Games

On the PlayStation 4, PS Plus also allows you to use online storage for your save games. Your PS4 automatically uploads your save games to Sony’s servers, and you can download that save data on another console—or the same console, if you’ve deleted the save games.

This ensures you always have a copy of your save games, even if your PlayStation 4 console dies and needs to be repaired or replaced. You’ll find this feature on the Settings > Application Saved Data Management screen. The yellow plus signs next to the “Saved Data in Online Storage” and “Auto-Upload” options means these features require PlayStation Plus.

Demos and betas
Users can expect a bunch of demos every month, but beta trials will only be scheduled in on an ad hoc basis.

Every month there will be at least four discounted games or add-on packs. As with everything else that requires you to splash out money over and above the PlayStation Plus fee, these are yours to use forever if you decide to purchase them




Activate with Playstation

PS4 Console

  1. Log into your PSN (PlayStation Network) account.
  2. Click on the “Playstation Store” icon.
  3. From the menu on the left, select “Redeem Code”.
  4. Enter your unique code and follow the prompts to activate.
  5. You can download your game onto your system now, or at any time from the “Purchased” tab under “Library”.

Web Browser

  1. Load your web browser, follow this link (, and log into your PSN account
  2. Click the smiley face icon in the top-right corner of the browser
    From the drop-down menu, select “Redeem Codes”
  3. Enter your unique code and follow the prompts to activate.

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