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Cities: Skylines | Xbox One

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Create the City of Your Dreams with Cities: Skylines for Xbox One

Ready to construct the city of your dreams? You can achieve that with Cities: Skylines for Xbox One. You are able to create, construct, and administer your own virtual metropolis in this well-known city-building game.

Build Your City from the Ground Up

You begin Cities: Skylines with a blank piece of land and a limited number of resources.  Build public transport, roads, and highways to connect your people to employment, services, and amusement. Build residences, workplaces, and industries to keep your populace content and employed.

Customize Your City to Your Liking

You have total control over the appearance and atmosphere of your city in Cities: Skylines. Make distinctive landmarks and monuments to give your city a unique character. And add unique laws and regulations to control how your citizens behave.

Expand Your City with DLC

Everyone will find something they enjoy, from brand-new structures and landscapes to more gaming elements and difficulties.


Here are some of the key features of Cities: Skylines for Xbox One:

  • Build and manage your own virtual city
  • Create roads, highways, and public transportation
  • Build homes, offices, and factories
  • Customize your city with unique landmarks and monuments
  • Add custom policies and ordinances to shape citizen behavior
  • Choose from a variety of building styles
  • Expand your gameplay experience with DLC


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