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DayZ – PC

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DayZ – PC

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With DayZ PC, you can play the Ultimate Survival Game.

DayZ PC is a challenging open-world survival game that immerses you in a post-apocalyptic world populated by zombies, other players, and the elements. DayZ PC requires you to fight for survival and scavenge for supplies while avoiding the dangers lurking around every corner.


DayZ PC: Survive Against the Odds

  • DayZ PC has a large open world to explore.
  • Each area has its own set of characteristics and challenges.
  • You’ll have to travel across vast swaths of land.
  • Navigate dense forests and deserted cities.
  • To survive, scavenge for supplies in buildings and houses.


Fight for Survival

In DayZ PC, you must fight against infected zombies roaming the world, as well as potentially hostile other players. To protect yourself and defend your territory against raiders, you’ll need to scavenge for weapons and ammunition.


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