Domestika – Giftcard

Domestika – Giftcard

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Domestika is an online learning platform for creatives, with paid courses on software, crafts, illustration, and more. It was first started more than a decade ago with a completely different focus in Spain, but has since moved its headquarters to San Francisco.

What makes Domestika unique is its unwavering focus on creatives. Sure, there are a few courses on Python and web programming like you’d find on Udemy or Coursera, but the majority of the courses are on creative topics and tasks.

Another major feature of Domestika is the quality of the courses. While the quality of courses on other platforms can vary wildly, all of the courses on Domestika are well produced and high-quality.


Each course is taught by a professional in that industry, and the filming and production is handled by in-house professionals at Domestika. The fantastic camerawork, auxiliary materials, and a bustling forum community make it a great experience. Without a doubt, they’re the closest you can get to hands-on classes from the comfort of your home.


That said, most courses on the platform at the moment are in Spanish, with auto-generated subtitles in English, Portuguese, and German. This can be a major disadvantage for some, but since many Domestika courses are all about showing rather than telling, you can easily get by with subtitles.


Plus, you can get exposed to new artists from around the world that you wouldn’t have otherwise heard of!


Domestika’s social media origins

Before we get into more details about Domestika courses, you should know that Domestika started its run about 15 years ago as a social media platform.


Today the social media aspects are still strong, allowing you to turn your profile into a portfolio of sorts. You can also follow other users and check out their latest projects.


This makes Domestika a great way to find collaborators, and the service has leaned into this even harder by creating a jobs board. Employers from around the world can list positions for creatives on the platform to check out.


Granted, most of these are based in Spain, but there are quite a few remote positions, as well. You can also list yourself as available for freelance work in your profile.


Are Domestika courses available in English?

Since the company originated in Spain, the majority of Domestika’s catalog of courses is in Spanish. However, the company has recently started publishing more courses in English.


Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a way to filter search results on the web by audio language, so you might have to do some digging if you really want Domestika courses in English. It’s easier to find English-language courses in the app, but it has its own problems as I’ll get to shortly.


To give you a sneak preview of which English courses to take on Domestika, check out the short list below.