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Far Cry® 5 | Xbox One

Let the gaming begin

Far Cry® 5 | Xbox One



Experience the Thrill of Far Cry® 5 on Xbox One


With Far Cry® 6 Gold Edition for Xbox One, go on an epic journey. Immerse yourself in an expansive world populated by memorable personalities, peril, and adventure. Get the Gold Edition right away to get the full experience, which includes the base game and a season pass. Purchase Far Cry® 6 Gold Edition for Xbox One right away and save money. This promotion is only available for a short period.

Key Features

  • Open-world exploration of Montana’s vast and diverse landscapes
  • Engage in thrilling shootouts and battles against cult members and other enemies
  • Customize your weapons and vehicles to suit your play style
  • Recruit a cast of memorable characters to help you on your mission
  • Experience a dynamic world where your choices and actions have consequences

Buy Far Cry® 5 on Xbox One

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