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Far Cry® 6 | Xbox One

Let the gaming begin

Far Cry® 6 | Xbox One



Immerse Yourself in the World of Far Cry® 6 on Xbox One

Join the Revolution in Yara

Enjoy the thrill of assuming the role of Dani Rojas, a guerrilla fighter attempting to topple Giancarlo Esposito’s oppressive Antón Castillo. Join forces with fellow freedom fighters in the huge open world of Yara, a tropical haven frozen in time, to rescue your nation from oppression.

A Variety of Weapons and Vehicles

With so many different weapons and vehicles available in Far Cry® 6, you may personalise your playstyle and approach to each objective. You can select the ideal armoury to meet your demands, ranging from military-grade weapons to DIY-style firearms. Use a variety of vehicles, including as cars, motorcycles, and even tanks, to traverse Yara’s lush landscapes.

Thrilling Co-Op Experience

You can either take on the campaign by yourself or in a cooperative setting with a companion. You can enter and exit the game smoothly in Far Cry® 6 so that you can work on tasks together or go alone and explore the world. You can double your firepower and take on the toughest tasks with two players.

Pre-Order Bonus

Get the Libertad Pack, which includes the “Discos Locos” weapon and the Libertad clothing for your character, when you pre-order Far Cry® 6 for Xbox One right away. Start the revolution early and take on the government in style.

Key Features

  • Join the revolution in Yara and take down Antón Castillo, played by Giancarlo Esposito
  • Explore the vast open world of Yara, a tropical paradise frozen in time
  • Choose from a wide variety of weapons and vehicles to customize your playstyle
  • Team up with a friend for an exciting co-op experience
  • Pre-order now and receive the Libertad Pack, including the Libertad outfit and “Discos Locos” weapon.


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