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Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition | PS4

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Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition | PS4

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Premium Edition of Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition allows you to explore the crime-ridden city of Los Santos like never before. Experience the game’s engaging storyline and immersive gameplay as one of three protagonists. Enjoy the improved visuals, enhanced gameplay, and new content added to the original version of the game.


The following items are included in the Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition:

  • Grand Theft Auto V complete game
  • Grand Theft Auto Online – GTA Online’s ever-changing, shared world in which players can explore the city, complete missions, and engage in criminal activities with other players.
  • Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack – Begin your criminal empire in GTA Online.
  • Online access to a variety of vehicles, properties, and weapons.
  • Extra content – Gain access to extra content such as outfits, weapons, and vehicles.


Play the Story Mode or enter GTA Online.

Get Grand Theft Auto V: Premium Edition today to play the ultimate open-world crime game.


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