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Persona 5 Royal | Xbox One

Let the gaming begin

Persona 5 Royal | Xbox One



Experience the Epic Storyline of Persona 5 Royal on Xbox One

Discover a New Level of Gameplay

The award-winning role-playing game Persona 5 Royal’s definitive edition will lead you on a voyage of self-discovery, supernatural adventures, and unforgettable encounters with a cast of fascinating characters. This version expands on the Persona 5 universe on Xbox One with more characters, longer plot lines, and improved gaming mechanics.


  • Engage in a compelling story that combines high school drama and supernatural elements
  • Experience enhanced graphics, music, and gameplay mechanics
  • Explore Tokyo, solve puzzles, and battle against supernatural enemies
  • Form deep relationships with your classmates and other characters to unlock new abilities and storylines
  • Engage in strategic turn-based battles and use Persona abilities to defeat enemies

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