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Sea of Thieves – PC

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Sea of Thieves – PC

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PC Game: Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves, the ultimate pirate game for PC, will take you on an epic adventure. In this game, players can join a crew of strangers or team up with friends to explore the vast and treacherous seas, hunt for treasure, and engage in thrilling naval battles.


Explore the Seas with a Pirate Crew

  • Players are free to make up their own pirate legends.
  • Create your own character, ship, and equipment.
  • Adapt to your play style and become the most infamous pirate on the high seas.
  • Treasure hunting and adventures.


Find out about the Ultimate Pirate Adventure.

Sea of Thieves delivers the ultimate pirate adventure, from stunning graphics and immersive gameplay to the vast open world filled with danger and treasure. Explore islands, dive into shipwrecks, and battle sea monsters as you build your reputation and become a pirate legend.


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