Steam Wallet Code (IND)

Steam Wallet Code (IND)

Important Note:

  • The Product is Not refundable.
  • Steam Wallet Code (INR) sold by STREAMSTOP is a digital code. The code is redeemable according to your Steam Wallet Region / Currency Setting.

NPR 458.88NPR 3,889.93



Concerning Steam Wallet Code (INR)

Supported Countries for Steam Wallet Code (INR)

To increase the balance in your Steam Wallet, use the Steam Wallet Code (INR). All Valve Steam users with an Indian Rupee steam wallet can use it.

Alerte: The currency settings in your original Steam Wallet must be used to redeem the Steam Wallet Code for other Steam users.

Code for Steam Wallet

Instantly purchase Steam Wallet Codes or Steam Gift Cards! Choose how much Steam Wallet money you want to buy, select your favourite payment method, and complete the deal. The Steam Wallet Code will be sent to you through email and the payment confirmation page immediately.

You may purchase games, premium items, and subscriptions for your favourite Steam games, including CS: GO, DOTA 2, Valheim, Apex Legends, and others, using the money in your Steam Wallet.

Redeeming a Steam Wallet Code requires using the same currency as your Steam User Account.

To redeem your Steam Wallet Code, click here.

Please use the live chat feature to get assistance redeeming your Steam Wallet Code.

How will the PC game be added to my account?

Answer: The PC game will be added to your existing or New Steam account.

What are the requirements for my existing Steam account?

Answer: Your existing Steam account must be at least 3 months old, with an unchanged region in the past 3 months.

Can It change the region of my Steam account?

Answer: Yes, the region of your Steam account may be changed to India.

What happens if the game cannot be delivered to my existing account?

Answer: In the event the game cannot be delivered to your existing Steam account, your payment will be refunded.

What is a new Steam account for unlimited gaming?

Answer: A new Steam account for unlimited gaming is a platform for accessing a variety of games on the Steam platform, linked to your email for easy access.

Can I change my password and email for the Steam account?

Answer: Yes, there is an option to change both the password and email associated with the Steam account.

What is the activation process for the Steam account?

Answer: Product key activation on Steam1. Download and Open the Steam client on your computer.Click Here to download 👇 Now login with the id and password. 3. Go to Library download and Play.

How do I log in and play games on the Steam account?

Answer: Login to the Steam account and start playing games for a seamless gaming experience.