Sonic turned 30 in 2021, and Sega celebrated with a variety of activities. The blue blur’s developers, on the other hand, are perhaps doing more to commemorate the hedgehog’s 31st birthday, since two new Sonic games are set to be released this year. Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Origins have been confirmed for release on June 23, 2022, precisely 31 years after the original Sonic game on the Mega Drive was released.

Sega has released a brand new Sonic Origins trailer, which you can see below. Since the game was initially teased during a Sonic Central over a year ago, this is the first specific information about the collection of classic games to be revealed. The new Origins teaser indicates that the collection will be accessible on all major platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Switch, in addition to the release date.

Sonic Origins includes four games that start at the beginning of Sonic’s journey. Sonic 1, Sonic 2, Sonic CD, and Sonic 3 & Knuckles, for the first time in ten years. Players will be able to choose between Classic and Anniversary modes when playing those games. Classic features the original games from the 1990s as you remember them. It’s a 16-bit game with a finite amount of lives. Anniversary mode converts the games to widescreen and allows you to play them without worrying about how many lives you have left.

The addition of Anniversary mode is probably why these titles are ports rather than emulations, as Sega already acknowledged last year. Origins will also allow you to experiment with different characters. Even though the echidna wasn’t officially introduced to the series until Sonic 3, you’ll be able to play Sonics 1 and 2 with Knuckles.

On top of everything else, Origins will transport you back to those early games in a completely new way thanks to some brand new animations. Some of the new sequences can be seen in the clip above, and they will allow gamers to see something they’ve seen many times before through new eyes. There will also be a Digital Deluxe edition with extra content such as harder missions and music.