PS4 Game Activation Guide for Streamstop Users

PS4 Game Activation Guide for Streamstop Users

Welcome to the simple and hassle-free process of activating your PlayStation 4 game from Streamstop. Follow these steps for a seamless experience:

Detailed Video Tutorial for PS4 Game Activation guide

Create a New User:

  • Navigate to the PS4 main menu.
  • Select “New User” and follow the prompts to create a new user.
  • Click “Accept” in the Next screen.

Add Streamstop Account:

  • Check your email for the credentials provided by StreamStop.
  • Add the account in the Settings menu.
  • Go to Library after successfully adding the account.

Access Purchased Game:

  • Locate your game in the Purchase section (e.g., Death Stranding).
  • Click “Download” to add the game to the download queue.

Switch to Main Account:

  • Hold down the PlayStation button for the quick menu.
  • Switch to your main account.

Verify Download:

  • Visit the Downloads section to ensure the game is preparing for download.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully activated and downloaded your Streamstop game on PS4. Enjoy your gaming experience with a lifetime warranty from Streamstop.

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